Say No to Suncal in Alameda!

Say "No" to SunCal

Keep SunCal and Outside Interests out of Alameda!

On February 2, 2010, Alameda voters rejected SunCal's development plan for Alameda Point at the ballot box, defeating Measure B with 85% of voters voting "no." Voters said no to 5,000 homes at Alameda Point the accompanying overcrowding and traffic congestion. SunCal had threatened (promised?) to walk away if Measure B didn't pass, but now, like a drunken party guest, they refuse to leave!

SunCal has sued the City of Alameda in federal court, and now they are backing City Councilmember Lena Tam and City Council Candidate Rob Bonta for City Council. With those two votes, and a third from Marie Gilmore, SunCal hopes that the City of Alameda will settle the lawsuit by re-opening negotations with SunCal for 5,000 homes at Alameda Point. This "SunCal Slate" is set to give Alameda away to outside interests!

Here are the facts:

  • Lena Tam and Rob Bonta share the same campaign treasurer.
  • Lena Tam and Rob Bonta use the same campaign consulting firm.
  • Rob Bonta was Lena Tam's campaign manager in her 2006 election run.
  • Rob Bonta has accepted tens of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions from interests outside of Alameda.
  • Lena Tam admitted forwarding City of Alameda confidential e-mails to SunCal. Marie Gilmore has defended Tam every step of the way.

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Lena Tam, Rob Bonta and Marie Gilmore comprise the "SunCal Slate," looking to take over 3 votes on City Council, and bring SunCal back into Alameda to put 5,000 homes at Alameda Point. SunCal is heavily involved in the election this year in Alameda, sending attack pieces in the mail against the City Manager.

The Alameda County Democratic Central Committee endorsed all three on Saturday, September 11th. Local SunCal agents John Knox White, Lauren Do et al helped ensure that the same three were endorsed on September 15th by the City of Alameda Democratic Party Club.

Tam and Bonta share the same treasurer for their campaigns. Benajamin T. Reyes. (See the campaign disclosure filings on city website, in the clerk's database.)

Shawn Wilson and Royce Kelley work for Alliance Campaign Strategies (

Alliance Campaign Strategies is a campaign consultant to both Lena Tam and Rob Bonta. Shawn Wilson is also on Alice Lai-Bitker's staff.

Royce Kelley is vice-chair of the Alameda County Democratic party central committee.

Rob Bonta has taken campaign money from the Bladium, who backed SunCal/Measure B, and other individual donors who backed SunCal/Measure B. Rob Bonta has taken tens of thousands of dollars from interests outside of Alameda.

Lena Tam is clearly in SunCal's camp - she openly supported SunCal and Measure B, and admitted to providing SunCal with City of Alameda confidential information pertinent to negotiations with SunCal. Three attorney's from the criminal defense law firm of Keker Van Nest have given thousands of dollars to Rob Bonta's campaign.

Marie Gilmore is a stealth SunCal-backed candidate. She has taken sides with Lena Tam at every step of the way, even calling for the resignation of the Interim City Manager.

SunCal would dearly love 3 votes on Council - guess who - that would move to settle their lawsuit against the City of Alameda, and bring SunCal back into Alameda Point.

SunCal would also love 3 votes to replace Ann Marie Gallant and Teresa Highsmith, with a more pliant City Manager and Attorney.

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